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Text Box: BPCRS Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette
 Bumper Sticker
1 -3” x 10”
Model # BPS   $ 5.00  free shipping USA

Your source for full size BPCR silhouette shooting Target Templates,

make your own full size targets by tracing them on to plywood or metal.

Made from flexible low density L.D.P.E. plastic sheets these 3/32” thick templates last and last.

 Templates roll up for easy storage and quick shipping via UPS Ground.

Available as a full set of 4 templates this regulation full size target set includes:

                           200m  1 -Full Size Chicken Silhouette 11.2” x 13.25”

                                 300m  1 -Full Size Pig Silhouette 14.25” x 22.25”

                                 385m  1 -Full size Turkey Silhouette 19” x 23”

                                 500m  1 -Full size Ram Silhouette 26.75” x 32.75”

Model # FS-4       $ 49.95      +$ 16.50 shipping USA Text Box: Your source for 
Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Shooting Targets and Target Templates for (BPCR)  (BPCRS)
Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette

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